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NMS / EMS Systems & Development Tools

Today’s telecom networks very often comprise various vendors’ devices. Therefore, NOC (Network Operation Center) administrators and operators have to keep management applications of all vendors opened to control their equipment operation. This makes the network management complex, requiring more time and personnel for provisioning, installation, control and troubleshooting, and reduces the NOC efficiency.

Evmarcom comprehensive and advanced products suite for NMS / EMS Development, provides the ability to eliminate the complexity of multi-vendor Network Management. Customers can use our Development Services for NMS /EMS Systems creation according to their needs and requirements. Evmarcom NMS development experts’ deep knowledge and rich experience allow Network / Element Management Systems creation within very brief periods.

Evmarcom supports the delivered NMS Development Platform and all supplied products, including NMS & EMS Systems, improving them according to customers’ needs, based on software usage experience. We provide our customers the post-development support for software extensions, add-ins and improvements requests, which always raise during the initial phase of the software usage.

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NMS/EMS Systems & Development Tools

Unique NMS Software Development Suite and Multi-vendor Network/Element Management Software Applications creation

Network Management Systems

Multi-vendor network monitoring and control Software Applications, creation according to customer requirements within very short time

Element Management Systems

EMS software applications creation for management and control multi-vendor and multi-technology network equipment