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Drive-Away Antenna Systems


Drive-Away Antenna provides precision connectivity from virtually any vehicle or trailer. The Drive-Away Antenna is stowed on the vehicle roof during its motion, and is automatically deployed for operation on arrival to an event location without need of installation or assembly works. Drive-Away Antennas have rugged construction and low profile when stowed, that enables their safe transportation on the vehicle roof.

Drive-Away Antennas enable remote Videoconferencing, IP Data, and Voice services, as well as live streaming/broadcasting, providing connectivity in the most critical conditions for wide range of applications – from defense and emergency response to media and remote office set-ups.

Evmarcom supplies innovative designed Drive-Away Antenna Systems made from carbon fiber and mounted on a stable aluminum frame. The antenna systems minimal weight and low profile makes them easy to mount on any vehicle. Full three-axis motorization allow fully automatic pointing and acquisition of geostationary satellites within minutes, as well as peaking and tracking during the operation.

Product Highlights

Drive-Away Antenna System 1.2 m Data Sheet
Drive-Away Antenna System 1.8 m Data Sheet