COTM Antennas


Time and information are the factors often determining the success in various modern governmental, defense, search and rescue, disaster relief and broadcasting missions. The moving units and groups participating in such missions are often spread on vast geographical areas and travelling in places lacking traditional wireless communications infrastructure.
The single solution enabling the personnel of mobile units and groups to exchange the growing amounts of information without the time losses for frequent antenna deployments is the broadband satellite Communication on the Move (COTM).

COTM is a mobile satellite communication technology, specifically relating to compact design, lightweight, low profile and low power consumption antenna systems, convenient for installation and operation on ground vehicles moving at a high speed. COTM Antennas provide reliable Videoconferencing, IP Data and Voice services, live streaming/broadcasting whilst in transit even over rough terrain.

COTM Antenna has to interoperate with a VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) modem, router or gateway to ensure the fast and correct satellite acquisition, as well as data transfer at a highest available rate.

We provide the best in the market COTM Antennas with developed, produced and supplied by Evmarcom unique Protocol & Port Converter, enabling full interoperability between the antenna controller and any satellite modem, even if they have no common interface and protocol for interaction.

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