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Satellite Communication Systems & Devices

We offer modern and affordable solutions for satellite and wireless communication. We use the latest developments of the leading equipment manufacturers, based on distribution and partnership agreements, improving them by our own solutions and products to meet the highest technical requirements of customers. We constantly create and implement new technological hardware and software solutions, using our accumulated rich experience. We provide technically competent and financially feasible solutions in a wide range of requests from an order of a specific product up to establishment of a communication network with teleport for data reception, transmission and network management. Evmarcom is an experienced solutions provider for broadband wireless and satellite communication related projects.

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VSAT Satellite Communication System

Two-way broadband multiservice IP-transparent satellite communication system, based on jitter-free Dynamic BoD BM-FDMA technology, which creates a great advantage for real-time applications, offering effective bandwidth saving, without sacrificing link quality

Management Traffic Interceptor for VSAT Networks

Receives DVB-S/S2 Satellite Forward Channel, extracts the encrypted control traffic packets from the transport stream and delivers them to a decryptor. Creates a new transport stream from the unchanged data and the decrypted control traffic, modulates it and delivers to a VSAT RF Input port

DVB-S2 Receiver with GigE Interface

Compact and light weight professional DVB-S2 receiver supporting CCM, VCM, ACM, QPSK, 8PSK, 16/32 APSK with GigE interface and wire speed traffic processing in hardware. It is based on advanced engineering methods and enables reception of whole transponder width carrier

DVB-S2 Modulator with GigE Interface

Compact and light weight IP over DVB-S2 modulator with IP input over GigE interface provides Data Rates of up to 250 Mbps on L-band output and IP Encapsulation of up to 256 table entries. Hardware implementation of traffic processing provides extremely low jitter for video broadcasting

Transport Stream Media Converter

Compact and light weight DVB-S2 – ASI – IP converter with DVB-S2, ASI and GigE Interfaces allows simultaneous bi-directional concurrent conversion of different streams with jitter-free operation and without packet loss due to Transport Streams traffic handling in hardware

Satellite Communication Antennas

The best in their class and cost-effective Flyaway, Drive-Away, Maritime, On-the-Move and Fixed Satellite Earth Station antennas


Ancillary products for implementation of any earth station, whether it is fixed or mobile, on-the-move, flyaway, drive-away or maritime