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Maritime VSAT Antenna Systems


Maritime businesses have an increasing need for real-time data communication to provide safety at sea, ship and cargo operational efficiency, vessel monitoring and surveillance, crew welfare, staff retention and passengers satisfaction. That requires broadband satellite ship-to-shore communication equipment to keep vessels constantly connected with headquarters network and Internet at low operational cost while sailing even the most remote marine routes.
From the wide range of modern communication equipment, only maritime VSATs satisfy all the above requirements.

The on-board VSAT station providing an always-on satellite broadband connectivity for maritime use consists of the above deck equipment – radome-enclosed motorized and stabilized antenna, and the below deck equipment – antenna controller, VSAT modem and additional devices for data and voice connectivity.

The maritime radome-enclosed motorized and stabilized antenna system provides an automatic alignment and lock on the required satellite, broadband reception and transmission in C or Ku-band even while the vessel is underway, maneuvering, rolling and pitching.

Evmarcom supplies the best in the market compact antennas and terminals with highest quality, reliability and innovation demonstrated across maritime-based systems and designed specifically to deliver reliable broadband maritime communications. They can be used on ocean going vessels, navy ships, fishing boats and yachts, allowing keeping in touch with shore-based networks, to have Internet access and perform phone calls whatever the sea and weather conditions from almost anywhere in the world.

Our authorized specialists may perform on-board installations of the supplied antennas and the compact below decks equipment.

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