Flyaway Antenna Systems

Flyaway Antennas provide possibility to establish reliable broadband satellite communication in the remote locations or in case of emergency with the advantage of miniaturization, portability and rapid deployment. Small volume and lightweight make Flyaway Antennas easy for transportation and allow their fast delivery to the remote locations. Flyaway Antennas quick assembly, rapid deployment and high precision of reassembly make them available for a wide range of applications, providing independence of local telecom infrastructure conditions.

Flyaway Antenna Systems enable remote Videoconferencing, IP Data, Voice services and live streaming/broadcasting, providing connectivity in the most critical conditions for various range of applications – from defense and emergency response to media and remote office set-ups.

Evmarcom supplies a wide range of Flyaway Antennas with Automatic and Manual deployment and satellite pointing abilities for various frequency bands. We provide a complete system integration, including project management, installation, commissioning tests, personnel training and technical support.

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Manual Flyaway Antennas

Lightweight antennas, combined with simple assembling and readiness for connection within minutes, withstanding harsh weather conditions

Automatic Flyaway Antenna Systems

Extremely lightweight, portable and simple to operate with very fast instant fully automatic deployment and satellite acquisition