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Satellite Communication Antennas

Evmarcom offers the best in their class and cost-effective Flyaway, Drive-Away, Maritime, Communication-On-the-Move and Fixed Satellite Earth Station Antennas and Systems, as well as associated equipment from leading manufacturers. We improve the supplied products, perform customization to specific customer needs and provide complete system integration, installation, commissioning test, training and maintenance.

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Fixed Earth Stations Antennas

Wide range of Fixed Earth Station Satellite Antennas for operation in C, X, Ku and Ka-bands with main reflector diameter from 1.2m to 16m

Associated Equipment

Compact Antenna Tracking & Positioning System devices with M&C over Ethernet port and user-friendly GUI Software

Flyaway Antennas

Portable, extra lightweight and fast assembling automatic and manual Carbon Fiber, Fiber Glass and Aluminium Flyaway Antennas

Drive-Away Antennas

Compact, lightweight, installed on standard vehicle roof bars Drive-Away Antennas with fully automatic pointing, acquisition and tracking

СOTM Antennas

Low-profile, lightweight, high-speed satellite tracking with automatically adjusted wide-elevation angles range (from 0° to 90°) СOTM Antennas

Maritime VSAT Antennas

Uniquely designed, high performance maritime stabilized VSAT Antennas with minimal ratio between the radome size and antenna diameter